WA baseball has an indecisive finish

John Vassiliou, Staff Writer

WA baseball had a bit of an oddball thrown their way when the umpires called their game between Cambridge R&L off at 7:10 Wednesday evening.

The game got off to a quick start with R&L getting a run in the top of the first. The Ghosts put up a great defense, biding time for the bottom of the second inning where junior John Berrigan managed to get senior Brian McNeil home on an RBI. And Ian Kim, another senior, was able to get to home plate after a failed attempt to pick him off at third.

WA’s initiative was short-lived however, when in the top of the fourth inning Cambridge R&L managed to score another run, deadlocking the game at 2-2 for the rest of the night.

Both teams fought hard, with neither side letting up a run for five innings. All pop flies were caught by their respect positions, and almost all infield grounders were able to be picked up and thrown to first base before a runner even had a chance to get on it.

The only hit that seemed to put a person on base were line drives, but even these failed to get a runner on either team past second base due to the unrelenting defense on both sides.

By the end of the bottom of the ninth inning, with both teams still at a standstill, the umpires decided to call off the game. The reasoning being that there was too little light out for the game to continue.

“This is a first,” Coach Parent said. “Getting a game suspended because of darkness, I don’t remember this happening. [But] both teams fought, both teams battled, [there were] cold conditions, but both teams played hard and the outcome hasn’t been decided yet.”

As it currently stands, the game is tied at 2-2, and a date to finish the game is yet to be decided. But if each team brings the same amount of intensity for the finale, it may be another grand standstill.