Masala Bay curries up a lunch


Alisha Sabnis, Print/Advertising Manager

The Ghostwriter recently went out and to eat at Masala Bay, a new restaurant that serves Indian cuisine. It is located at The Point in Littleton next to Menchies. We were able to go for their lunch buffet and try an assortment of dishes ranging from shahi paneer to chicken tikka masala.

We arrived at the restaurant just as it opened so there were not too many people there. We were seated quickly but had to wait around five minutes for the buffet to open. During this time I was able to order a mango lassi and a sweet lassi, a yogurt-based drink. I was not as impressed with the mango lassi because I expected it to be sweeter (it tasted a bit sour) but the sweet lassi was amazing.

When the buffet opened, I got a mountain of rice and filled my plate with different curries including, shahi paneer, chicken chettinad, chana masala, and chicken tikka masala. I really loved the paneer and the chana masala, but the chicken dishes were a bit bland. My favorite curry was the paneer by far.

One dish I always look forward to when going to an Indian restaurant is the tandoori chicken so I was very excited to try it here. I was glad I only got one piece because I do not think I would have finished more; the chicken was really dry and mostly bone instead of meat. This was when I realized that Masala Bay has much better vegetarian dishes than non-vegetarian.

The buffet cost us $12 per person which I do not think was worth it because it did not have as many options as most restaurants. The vegetarian options were really delicious but the chicken dishes were sub-par.

Masala Bay’s buffet is open from 11:30 am-3 pm Monday through Sunday. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to try Indian food for the first time since they won’t get overwhelmed with too many choices.