Veneto: One more place to try

Veneto: One more place to try

Ben Walker, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Throughout the last three and a half years, my Co-Editor-in-Chief, Andrew, and I have done countless pizza shop reviews. Think of any pizza place within a 15-20 minutes, odds are, we’ve been there (OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit). We have learned where the good places are, where the not so good places are, and where the mediocre places are.

Recently, for the final time, we got the chance to try Veneto, a small pizza shop in Vinal Square, Chelmsford. It was a nice pizza joint with a great menu, a solid layout, and quality food.

When we got in, the menu was laid out across flat-screen TVs. We opted to order (per usual) a small meat lovers pizza, an order of curly fries, two orders of chicken tenders, and two refrigerated drinks. Our combined total came out to be about 37 dollars. Compared to all the other places we have reviewed, we found this to be rather pricy.

After about a 10-15 minute wait, we got our food. The chicken and fries arrived first and the pizza a few minutes later. Let’s just say there was plenty of food to eat between the two of us.

We first tried the chicken. This was different than most places, as it tasted a little more real. They had an interesting taste that made them unique. If you ever want a new tasting chicken tender side, try out Veneto.

The curly fries were also very tasty. They were nothing spectacular, but they were definitely hard to put down. After all, if you ever have the option between regular fries and curly fries, you always have to go with the curly fries.

Finally, we tried the pizza. The final pizza that this duo will review. It was the highlight of the meal. The sauce was really tasty and the crust was quite enjoyable. The size was also a perfect size. However, if you go with more than two people consider getting a larger pizza.

In the end, Veneto’s is another solid pizza option in the area. If you ever want a change, consider this spot, you won’t regret it.


It was a pleasure to provide our readers with some good pizza reviews over these past few years. I appreciate the readers, and hope you enjoyed our reviews.