Snow day: March 13th and 14th


Tony Yacavone, Staff Writer

Last week, WA students had two days off due to a massive snow storm. The storm left a large percentage of the community without power, and on Monday, four days after the storm, some students were still getting power back. Early this week, on Tuesday, March 13th, another snow storm has hit and WA received another two snow days, creating a total of 9 so far this year.

It started snowing late Monday night, and continued to snow through the majority of Tuesday. It is estimated that by the end of the storm, 16-20 inches of snow would fell. With the snow from last week and this week collecting up, it is nearly impossible to walk or drive outside.

Early Monday afternoon, parents received a call saying that school was closed Tuesday, and in the early afternoon of Tuesday, parents received another call saying that school was closed Wednesday. These were some of the few snow days this year where school was closed the night before the actual day of school, allowing students to possibly stay up later or sleep in.

In these past two weeks, students have missed quite a few days of school in a short period of time. Luckily, Westford kept power during this storm unlike the one of last week. While having these days off may sound nice, some students have voiced concerns about their next vacation being taking away, similarly to how it was a few years ago.

With me being one of the people who did not lose power during the last two snow days, I think that having these days off were enjoyable. I am concerned of our next vacation being taken away, or what way they plan on getting these days made up, but as of now we cant know for sure what the staff plan to do. Some school projects have gotten set back due to these days, but quite a few of them kept their due date, so I’ve still been doing school work during these days off.

If teachers insist on students making up the missed work for these days, they could give students four days to turn in the work that we were supposed to receive on the days we were out. While this would not be enjoyable, I think it would be better than taking away our breaks or extending the school year. I also think that all tests should be pushed back, otherwise most students will most likely get low grades on them. I don’t think teachers can expect that during these snow days, students were still practicing the things they were learning about. Also, some students may have left things at school, stopping them from being able to study at all.

In terms of going back to school on Thursday, it looks like there will not be any more snow, and the roads will be cleared off in time. I hope to not have any storms that cause snow days. Even though I do enjoy them, I do not want the staff to resort to taking away our breaks in the future.