WA students chime in on the Olympics


John Vassiliou

Medha: “I think it is a time of unity because even though we’re competing against other countries, we’re all together doing something peaceful, not fighting for once. All the countries that don't like each other, they’re there and they’re competing in friendly ways, like games. I think it’s unity” Maya: “I think it’s unity too, there is competition involved but I feel like for the most part, countries are generally very supportive of one another, especially in events like ice skating for example where it's more like a judge who determines who wins rather than like a race” - seniors Medha Palnati (right) and Maya Kapur (left)

John Vassiliou, Staff Writer

WA students were asked how they saw the Olympics, and if they looked at it as a form of international unity or competition. Here are some of their responses: