WA needs donations for track renovations


Kai-Lou Yue

A WA student handing off a baton to another in the 4 by 4 relay

Mahi Kandage, Sports Editor

Westford Academy’s football field and track are the center for big football games, track events, and other high school milestones. To improve the usability of the track area, WA has started a GoFundMe to renovate and update the football field and track.

The improved track will create a safer environment for athletes, and allow WA to host more athletic events. Junior Maddie Jones, a track athlete, expressed how the track is in bad condition compared to surrounding high schools.

“The renovations will help with lowering our team’s times as well as creating safer conditions for athletes,” Jones said.

Senior track star Jason Dolan elaborated on the need for a new track especially in terms of safety for the athletes. The current track is too firm for safe. runnings and has an uneven surface. This can lead to injuries through heavy impacts on the runners.

“It is a big project. that requires lots of funding, but is well worth it,” said Dolan.

The renovations start with the complete removal of the current track to make way for a brand new one. The new track will have a full surface replacement, as well as a fence all the way around the edge, with extra field access gates. Walkways surrounding the track will be upgraded to allow easier access to the field.

The new additions also encompass other track and field equipment, such as the high jump, pole vault area, and box and plug. In addition, more long jump pits will be added to the existing one.

The GoFundMe, started by athletic director Adam Gagne, has a set goal of $50,000. So far, the total money raised is just shy of $2,000.

However, most of the funding and donations come from outside sources. The Community Preservation Committee has contributed $350,000 for the project to date, but the school is still hoping for funds from advertising from local businesses, the spring road race, and perhaps a fund from the Westford Academy Trustees.

Though the schedule for the project is not yet released, Principal James Antonelli wrote in a letter to the community,

We have put together a plan to fundraise as much as possible in order to offset costs,” the letter reads.

The track team is excited about the new track, but knows that it is a controversial decision, as some other students have expressed their annoyance that funds are being allocated to a new track.

“Although it’s kind of controversial, I’m excited about the renovations,” said Jones. ‘Our track is in such bad shape right now, especially compared to surrounding high schools.” 

The team hopes to see improvement in their times, and meets with other schools.

“Overall, I think our team will be able to perform to our full potential now without our track holding us back,” junior Jacki Harding said.

Donations can be made to the WA track cause at https://www.gofundme.com/WestfordAcademyTrackRenovations