Photos: Girls’ Hockey wins vs. Acton

Dan Allison, Staff Writer

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  • The game took place at Groton School.

  • The Westford girls grouped together before warmups

  • Referees taking their warm up laps as they get ready for action

  • Two WA teammates lining up together for the announcement of the starting lineup

  • Both teams lineup for faceoff

  • WA pushes it deep into AB's zone

  • A scuffle for the puck leaves a tangle of players

  • Teammates raise their hands in the air, celebrating the first goal of the night by Sam Mustante

  • Play proceeds along the left boards

  • Nothing but hard work shown in Katie Popp's face as she takes the puck up the ice

  • A faceoff is taken on the side of AB's net

  • Referee stops play due to a goalie freeze

  • WA threatens to put another digit on the board with AB locking up. WA put a lot of offensive pressure on Acton.

  • The team gathers around for another great team victory. Dominating offense and consistent good defense led WA to the win.

  • Final: WA 3, AB 0

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