Emily Bramanti prepares for life after WA

Mehul Shrivastava, Features Editor

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Senior Emily Bramanti has been a prominent player in girls’ basketball for all four of her years of high school. As her final season approaches its end, Emily Bramanti reflects on her time at WA as well as her plans for the future.

Emily Bramanti and the team had high expectations for this year’s season after making it to semi-finals and being named Sectional Champions during the previous season. As a result, a lot of work has gone into strategies and improvements for the girls.

“Throughout the season, we’ve been really practicing hard,” Bramanti said.

Being a part of not only basketball, but softball as well, has taught Bramanti the importance of managing time between school, work and sports, and she has also found that it is easier for her to express herself to teammates, coaches, the student body, and faculty members.

As for her time as co-captain of the basketball team, Bramanti recognized both her team and her coach, Russell Coward for making it a valuable experience. She considers her team to be like a family and believes Coward has been successful in organizing and working with the team.

“We really try and lead the team together as one unit,” Bramanti said.

Coward mentioned that she not only displayed excellent skills in the sport, but was a successful captain for two seasons as well. She had a sense of balance between fun and work, and always motivated the younger players.

“Honestly, she likes basketball more than anybody I’ve ever coached. Not even a question,” Coward said.

“He’s always really been there for me.””

— Emily Bramanti

Emily Bramanti found that her father, Chris Bramanti, impacted her experience playing basketball as well. Chris Bramanti coaches boys’ varsity basketball, so advice from him made her a better player.

“He’s been really influential, helping me with what I need to work on, things that I could improve on, or things that I’m already good at that I need to make better,” Emily Bramanti said.

Having that relationship also helped Chris Bramanti become a better coach. Multiple conversations after practice and games allowed them to consider different strategies that Chris Bramanti could apply to his team as well.

“She wants to be a really good basketball player, I want to be a really good coach,” Chris Bramanti said.

Emily Bramanti will be majoring in criminology at Stonehill College, and will continue to play basketball there, following the footsteps of WA Alumni Asia Ewing and Sam Hyslip. Coward hopes that she will continue to play basketball as well as she did at WA.

“She’s shown a lot of growth over the past four years.””

— Chris Bramanti

However, for now, Emily Bramanti is looking forward to seeing how the team performs at the playoffs and  for the rest of her final season.

“We’re just excited to finish off the rest of the season and see how far we can go,” Emily Bramanti said.

Chris Bramanti mentioned that she had an amazing four years at WA, and that she enjoyed her experience.

“It’s hard to believe it’s coming to an end, but I’m really, really proud of her. Her family is very proud of her,” Chris Bramanti said.