Dolan breaks two school running records

Andrew Friel, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Star senior runner Jason Dolan has had a very memorable final year at Westford Academy, first committing to Bryant College to run and potentially study business. With the winter sports season beginning to come to a close, Dolan has reached a few milestones that will help him leave his mark on WA running history.

Recently, Dolan also broke two school records for running.

Dolan recently broke the record for the mile run, which was held for over a decade. The record was four minutes and 23 seconds. Dolan beat this with a mile at four minutes and 20 seconds.

He also broke the two mile run this past weekend, which initially held at nine minutes and 45 seconds, but Dolan ran this distance in an impressive nine minutes and 38 seconds.

Dolan has one more chance to break another school record in the one thousand meter run at a league meet this upcoming weekend. Regardless of that outcome, Dolan is humble by his own accomplishments of this year.

“It is really reassuring to see all my training and hard work pay off and it is a great honor to take these records from some of the greatest runners to ever go to Westford Academy,” Dolan said.

Fellow senior runner Rachel Hall was very happy for Dolan’s accomplishments.

“Everyone knows how hard he’s worked for it and he ran some really amazing times. He one hundred percent deserves those records and I want to wish him luck on breaking the one thousand meter record and at nationals next week,” Hall said.

Senior sprinter Robbie Kreig also highly praised Dolan’s work ethic as an athlete.

“Honestly, it was obvious that he could do it since freshman year. He worked harder than anyone I’ve ever seen, and he just had the hunger that great athletes always have. Now it’s my turn to go for the sprinting records,” Krieg said.

Finally, one coach 0f the winter track team, English teacher Micheal Estabrook, had just as much admiration as the students do for Dolan’s achievements and the work it took to get there.

“I wasn’t surprised that he got [the records]. He’s such a hard worker. Great teammate, great captain, great leader. He sets a great example for everyone and he comes to practice everyday willing to work hard,” Estabrook said.

Dolan will make a run at the 1000 meter race this Saturday at 12pm at the Reggie Lewis Track center in the DCL meet.