Girl’s Basketball falls to Wachusett at TD Garden

Mehul Shrivastava, Features Editor

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On Saturday, January 27, WA Girls’ Basketball lost to Wachusett with a close score of 45-41 at TD Garden. WA trailed behind Wachusett for the first half, but the second half brought a lot of action that caused the score to fluctuate in favor of both teams. Even though it was WA’s loss, the fans were at the edge of their seats for the whole game.

The game started with Wachusett scoring and WA following soon after. Both teams stayed head-to-head for a few minutes of the game, but Wachusett eventually gained the lead. Seniors Emily Bramanti and Elizabeth Arnold made impressive plays during the quarter.

When there were three and a half minutes left, Wachusett was in the lead 10-8. They kept the lead for the rest of the quarter, but WA continued to follow close behind. The quarter ended with WA trailing 18-13.

The second quarter started with both teams scoring multiple times, bringing the score to 22-17. A few minutes later, Wachusett gained a more significant lead on WA, with the score at 28-19.

Junior Tess Keele, senior Allison Mulhern and Arnold all were prominent players during the quarter. Wachusett kept their lead until the end of the quarter, with a score of 28-21.

WA was the first to score when the third quarter started and eventually caught up with Wachusett, tying the score 33-33.

Significant plays were made by Sophomore Alexandria Giovino, Junior Morgan Rose, and Bramanti. WA managed to get ahead of Wachusett in the last moments of the quarter, bringing the score to 36-34 WA.

Keele was the first to score at the beginning of the fourth quarter, and WA displayed strong offensive teamwork in the first few minutes. Wachusett followed close behind WA’s lead.

When there were five minutes left in the quarter, Wachusett tied the score 38-38. WA momentarily got their lead back, but Wachusett tied them once again.

In the last thirty seconds, Wachusett got the lead back from WA. The game ended with a score of 45-41.

Coach Russell Coward has always been a Celtics fan, so he was honored that the team got to play at the Garden. However, he was dissatisfied with their performance during the game.

”I was disappointed that we didn’t hold onto the lead and win the game. I thought we played one quarter to the best of our abilities, and we made too many mistakes against a very good team. You can’t play poorly and expect to win,” Coward said.