Have some respect, WA

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Have some respect, WA

Alisha Sabnis, Advertisment / Print Manager

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This year, I have noticed an increased amount of disrespect within the halls of Westford Academy, especially in the cafeteria. Almost everyday I see students (mostly guys) mouthing off to the lunch aids, specifically the ones who work at the snack shack.

I feel as though the snack shack is one of the more iconic things about WA, it’s a convenient place for us students to get snacks during the day, something most high schools do not have. I believe that not only are we taking this for granted, we are being extremely rude to the cafeteria staff that make us food everyday and ensure that we have a lunch to get us through the academic day.

Respect goes a long way, and we could do more to appreciate other staff members at WA who probably do not get the recognition that they should. The custodians have so much to clean after each of the four lunches we have everyday, and I do not think we make their jobs any easier.

Staff members are not the only people that deserve respect at WA; students should be able to respect each other throughout the school day. WA students divide themselves into social groups and think that their individual group is the “best”.

“To me, I think the lack of respect between students stems from the tight-knit social groups. There is a lack of understanding for the different things we all struggle with and the different lives we all lead, and I think that’s what makes it so easy to swear at each other in the hallway or even use hate speech towards each other,” senior Madison Wiser said.

As high schoolers, I hoped that we could all be respectful towards everyone in the school, whether teachers, students, or other staff members. If we do not have respect, our environment and reputation will be tarnished.

“I wish people had the foresight to realize this is gonna end bad,” senior Tabitha Kotary said.

If we want to maintain a safe and welcoming school at WA, I believe we should all be respectful and kind to one another.