WA Girls’ Hockey crushes Cambridge


Mahi Kandage

The WA Girls' Hockey Team warms up before the third period.

Mahi Kandage, Sports Editor

 On Thursday January 18, the WA Girls’ hockey team successfully defeated Cambridge at the Groton School, scoring a total of six goals, and conceding none. The goal scorers included senior captains Hannah Keefe and Taylor Pacifico, as well as freshman Maddy Hunt, junior Kayleigh Butler, and sophomore Erika Ware.

First period proved to be the most successful of the three for WA.  The game began with senior captains Kerri Bolivar and Hannah Keefe, junior Olivia Vallone, and a freshman, Meghan Mulhern. The team dominated the game early on, playing aggressively. sophomore Sam Musante, freshman Val Crory, and juniors Kayleigh Butler and. Emma Beers rotated in and out playing a solid forward in the period.

The first breakthrough came in after nearly 8 minutes, when freshman Val Crory assisted a goal by Keefe. With the score at 1-0, freshman Maddy Hunt came into the game and scored WA’s second goal, with help from Mulhern and Ware. After a couple close shots taken by junior Jackie Ricko, Pacifico placed a neat shot in the back of the net just before the end of the first period.

WA entered the second period with a commanding a 3-0 lead. Adding to WA’s confidence, Butler scored an early goal, with assists by two of the three senior captains, Keefe and Pacifico. After another close shot by WA and minor roughing by Cambridge, Pacifico scored an unassisted goal, the last of the second period. A Cambridge player suffered what seemed like a serious injury, but the player was helped off the ice in just a few minutes. The period ended with a penalty for Bolivar for hooking and solid defense by Ricko in particular.

The third period began as a runaway for the Grey Ghosts, with the score at 5-0. After a slippery few minutes with lots of falls, Ware scored the last goal of the game, with assists by Hunt and Vallone. Freshman Kate Johnson’s shot and a few more were blocked by Cambridge, who did not end up scoring any goals of their own.

WA Girls’ Hockey will work to gain another win on January 20th against Lincoln-Sudbury at the Groton School at 11:00 AM.