Sophomore sets goals for 24%

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Sophomore sets goals for 24%

Mehul Shrivastava, Features Editor

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This school year, a brand new club has been added to WA’s list of activities. 24%, started by sophomore Jamie Wolpert, is focused on getting more female high school students interested in pursuing STEM careers after high school.

24% is  the percentage of women who work in STEM in America, as Wolpert discovered when doing research prior to forming the club. When she found the statistic, she decided it would be an ideal name for the club.

Even though the club is still in its very early stages, Wolpert already has ideas for the its future. Although Wolpert runs the club, here is no specific leadership cabinet in place as of now. However, she hopes that in future years the club would open opportunities for leadership positions.

Even though there is a women’s engineering course offered at WA, Wolpert specified that she has goals that differ from what the class has to offer. In a typical meeting, the members would discuss possible conferences or events they would like to attend that would get them further interested in STEM careers.

“It’s not hands-on. You’re not expected to come to the club and be like ‘I’m gonna build this today,'” Wolpert said.

Rather than building, learning about engineering, and entering scientific competitions, Wolpert wants to focus on providing resources. She hopes to visit colleges and companies and invite guest speakers from places like MIT and WPI to hear about their experiences in STEM. She hopes to spread more awareness on the topic of involving women in STEM careers.

Furthermore, as a more long-term goal, Wolpert hopes that the club can spread to other schools and in a few years, larger meetings with multiple schools could take place. However, before that, she wants to get 24% to gain members at WA, and seems to be having progress.

“At the first meeting we had like eight people, and now there are a lot more,” Wolpert said.

Overall, even though the club is in its early stages, Wolpert hopes that it will become an organization among multiple schools to encourage female students to pursue STEM even after she graduates.

“This is something that could really grow, not only within this school, but within different schools,” Wolpert said.