WA Boy’s Ice Hockey Suffers Loss to Andover

John Vassiliou, Staff Writer

The WA Boys’ Ice Hockey suffered a close defeat last night at skate 3 to Andover.

The first period was fairly deadlocked, with Andover getting the puck on the first face off. The second face off stuffed WA into their half of the ice. But that didn’t stop number 16, Matt Cielakie, from gaining control of the puck and getting a goal less than five minutes into the game.

Throughout the remainder of the first period WA consistently kept up the pressure against Andover, with number 11, junior Kevin Bruskiewitz even managing to get a breakaway with less than two minutes in the period.

Unfortunately for WA, the second period saw the game turn around in Andovers favor. After four minutes of a hard pressed standstill, Andover managed to score a goal on WA, and even followed it up with a second goal with only four and a half minutes remaining in the period.

 The third period saw a lot of pressure on WA as they tried to get a goal, almost scoring three times, one time even calling for a penalty on Andover for their fierce defense of the net. However for a majority of the period, Andover kept WA bottled up in their half of the ice, holding onto the puck for as long as possible and constantly icing it to WA’s side to keep it away from their net.

With four minutes remaining in the final period Coach Carpenter called a time out to strategize with the team.

The last four minutes saw some intense effort from WA as they pushed hard to get out of their zone, even pulling the goalie, Steven Okuhara, to get an extra player on the ice.

However, Andover was able to defend their net and came out on top in the end with a final score of 2-1.