A fun way to spend Snowdaes


As we start getting our first snow of the year, we are hoping for a lot of snow days to relax. A good way to spend our next day off would be to head over to Snowdaes, a local ice cream place in Lowell.

Snowdaes is very unique, as its specialty is called shaved snow, made from a machine that creates, light ruffled ice cream. I personally like it more than regular ice cream because it’s not as filling so I can have more of it at a time.

Along with ice cream, Snowdaes also serves a variety of bubble tea and other specialty drinks. Bubble tea, or commonly known as boba tea, is a tea-based drink with fruit or milk. Snowdaes carries a bountiful amount of tea flavors; the milk teas range from: jasmine, taro, coffee, and more and the fruit teas range from honeydew to passion fruit to lychee and more. I tried the coffee milk tea, which was really sweet so I recommend this for anyone who does not like their coffee strong. For those who like a stronger brew, I suggest the viet coffee. My favorite favor of bubble tea is the honey jasmine one, and I love it either hot or iced.

Another specialty that Snowdaes serves is their signature pandan waffles topped with ice cream and other garnishings. My favorite is the “What the fudge” waffle which consists of a chocolate waffle, with strawberries and vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle. The presentation was really eye-appeasing and neat. 

The ambiance of Snowdaes creates a welcoming atmosphere, complete with cozy chairs and a variety of board games to play. The entire place is very aesthetically pleasing, looking like a place that is popular on Instagram.

Price wise, Snowdaes is relatively cheap than your average cafe, with a bubble tea costing $3.50 and ice cream costing around $4, depending on the number of toppings you get. The quality of the food is definitely worth it and I highly recommend this cafe to anyone who is into bubble tea and ice cream.

Snowdaes is open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:00pm-9:30pm and 12:00pm-9: 30pm the rest of the week.