Fuse lights a new spark in Westford


Mahi Kandage

Fuse Bistro’s thin crust pizza, with its signature house-pulled mozzarella cheese.

Mahi Kandage, Sports Editor

Fuse Bistro – the newest occupant of the small farmhouse at the intersection of Powers Road and Rt 110. The restaurant makes use of local ingredients to create an ever changing menu of dishes that reflect the seasons.

The new Westford branch of Fuse is an addition to the original location in Lowell. The Lowell location has been featured on Phantom Gourmet, a popular TV show which covers New England eateries.

Although the restaurant  has a small, farmhouse look, it has a sleek interior that sports a classy look of varying shades of gray and nude. The large windows allow in plenty of natural light, giving the small space an airy feel.

The Ghostwriter visited Fuse on a Sunday afternoon, where we were disappointed to find out that the regular menu was replaced on Sundays by an all-day brunch with less options.

However, the waitress informed us that the twice-cooked zippy chicken wings were available to be ordered. The dish arrived fairly quickly and was well plated. The radish and greens added a nice splash of color. The chicken had an extremely flavorful coating with hints of asian flavor, but the inside was slightly dry. Overall the wings  were  excellent, and I would order them again.

We then ordered the thin crust pizza, also from the appetizers section but still plenty for two people. The house-pulled mozzarella was the highlight of the pizza, and it worked really well with the Maine tomato sauce. However, I felt as though the flavor of basil was slightly overpowering, especially in combination with the parmesan cheese. 

For dessert, we chose the chocolate lava cake from a selection of salted caramel ice cream sandwich, blueberry cheesecake, warm pumpkin cake, and warm apple cobbler, and espresso. The lava cake was the highlight of the entire meal by far. The warm, fluffy chocolate cake was filled with a thick, creamy ganache, and offset by light and soft whipped cream and a strawberry sauce which added a level of acidity.

Although the food at Fuse Bistro was excellent, the service was rather casual and not quite organized. However, the pleasant dining experience and fair prices for a sit-down restaurant gave the restaurant a 7/10 rating.