Survey scam targets WA girls

Mahi Kandage, Sports Editor

In the past week, an issue surrounding a fake health survey was brought up to administration by one of the students who received the email. The official-looking survey used the name of a reputable company: Amplitude Research, Boca Raton, FL. It also falsely showed that it was issued through the WA Health Department, prompting students to take it.

The CEO of the company, Stephen Birnkrant, called Principal Jim Antonelli, stating that the company had no connection to the survey, but were just being used as a name by its creator.

Although the survey recently came to light, it was originally sent out in September, targeting specific girls at WA. The survey broached serious issues regarding sexuality. As the questions progressed, the survey began soliciting for explicit images from the students.

At first, most girls who were sent the survey via email took it because it seemed official, and because the WA Health Department does send out surveys asking questions of a sensitive nature. As the content became more suspicious, many students stopped taking it, and one brought it to Detective Geoffrey Pavao.

Pavao immediately began a pending investigation to trace the survey to the creator, and to find out who the survey had been sent to. At first, it was believed that it had been sent out to random students in the WA community, but it was soon revealed that only specific teen girls had been targeted.

As of now, the site has been shut down, but the investigation alongside the Westford Police is still underway. Students who have received the survey are advised not to open or complete it, and notify Detective Pavao immediately at [email protected] or call at 978-399-2073-WPD.