O’neil Cinema in Littleton impresses

Athena Lewin, Staff Writer

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O’neil Cinemas recently opened at the Point in Littleton. The building contains both a restaurant and a theater.
The theater section of the building contains eight movie theaters and a concession stand. The concessions there are the typical concessions sold, candy, popcorn, and drinks. The popcorn was slightly undersalted, but overall what one would expect from movie theater popcorn.

The theaters have cushioned reclining seats with a table and one cup holder. The seats reclined slightly too much, but that was easily solved by not reclining all the way. The table caused a few problems due to the fact that if there is anything taller than a small popcorn on the table, the screen may be slightly obscured. This was a slight frustration because, in order to fix this, I had to not recline the chair.

The screen was large and clearly visible when my popcorn was not in the way. The audio was clear, but not too loud, creating a wonderful ambiance that pulled me into the movie. Occasionally, outside noise could be heard though, causing that mood to be interrupted.

One of the things I noticed when in the cinema, was that there were quite a few people standing around. The people hired would also walk into the theater during the movie, walk around, and then walk out. There were also people who would stand off to the side during the movie. This not only distracted me from the movie, but also caused me to wonder if this was a result of a lack of work to be done in the movie theater or simply a standard procedure of this cinema.

Overall, the experience was pleasant, and I will definitely be returning to the new movie theater for another movie.