New secretary added to WA staff


Bella Barreto

Kate Brown working on adapting to WA

Bella Barreto, Staff Writer

A welcome to WA’s staff new addition, Ms. Karin Brown. So far she likes WA and the people she has met.

Q: How is it like at Westford Academy so far?

A: So far it has been amazing. The people here are absolutely phenomenal. They are super friendly and super helpful, and can count on anyone.

Q: Where did you work last?

A: I use to work at Citizens Bank, where it was kind off bland and a little bit boring. 

Q:Is the environment here different from your last job?

A:It’s very different, it’s taking a little bit adjusting, but we are getting there.

Q: What kind of impact do you want to put on WA?

A: I just want to adjust here first, but I want to put a kind impact where people can just come to me if they have problems or if they just want someone to talk to then, I’m here.

Q: What is it like being the secretary after Ms. Mahoney retired?

A: It’s a little bit scary, filling in someone’s shoes, especially after working here for that long, but I’m hoping that I can be as good as her, and I hope that the kids and staff here, they’ll treat me the same as they would Ms. Mahoney and not a new teacher, but like one of them.