Tequila’s impresses


John Vassiliou, Staff Writer

Tequila’s is a new Mexican restaurant that opened in Chelmsford less than a year ago. Though not the biggest building, it was more than capable of providing a nice dining experience that was up to par with any food establishment.

I walked into Tequila’s starving and in anticipation of a delicious meal. It was cold outside, and unfortunately their heat was broken, but that didn’t stop the food from being enough to warm me up. I started with the Ancho Chile Wings, which had a sweet and spicy taste and gave me a good kick in the mouth with both heat and sweet tangy flavor. To cool off I asked for a glass of Horchata, a sweet sugary drink which was strongly reminiscent of a vanilla milkshake.

We also ordered queso dip and guacamole. The queso was delicious, but we had to ask for more chips to finish off the huge dish they brought it in. Next we had guacamole, which was made right in front of us, and tasted fresh, with crisp tomatoes and onions.

Finally, as an entree, I ordered the Chori-Pollo Burrito. Filled with grilled chicken, chorizo, beans, pico de gallo and crema with queso sauce, the Chori-Pollo was more than just satisfactory. The tomatoes and onions it came with were fresh and delicious, and the chicken was cooked to perfection. On top of all of that, the queso sauce that covered it acted as a sort of glue that I could mix in with my food to keep the burrito together as I picked away at it. It was so big that I couldn’t finish it and I had to bring it home.

All of the food was delivered to the table no longer than ten minutes after ordering. The great cooking staff got our appetizers out in less than seven minutes, and the entrees came out so early, we were barely able to finish the guacamole in time for the plates. The waiting staff was friendly, kind, and patient. The skill that one of the waitresses demonstrated in her guacamole making cart which was brought right to the table was astounding.

The restaurant had a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Families were happily eating their food and engaged in conversation, while others found enjoyment watching one of the few TVs at the bar. Overall, Tequila’s is a wonderful restaurant with a pleasant waiting staff, great food, and good atmosphere, and I definitely know that I will be returning in the future.