WA Girls’ Volleyball loses to Cambridge R&L

Mehul Shrivastava , News Editor

On October 26, 2017, the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team fell short to Cambridge Rindge & Latin on Senior Night. The girls started off well and won the first set, but ended up losing the second, third and fourth sets, concluding the game with a score of 3-1.

Since it was the final game of the season, the team had the gym decorated with balloons for Senior Night. Before the game began, seniors Elizabeth Arnold, Emily Doolin, Olivia Hillman, Paige Kacherian, Marina Ottaviano, Kayleigh Semeter, Erika Waterhouse and Makena Waterhouse were all honored.

The first set started with Cambridge scoring and WA following close behind. Both teams went back and forth with scoring for a few minutes before WA went on and held the lead for a majority of the set. The score remained very close, but Cambridge caught up and tied with the Ghosts with a score of 24-24.

Many players made multiple successful plays including Arnold and junior Elise Sepe. The girls were victorious in the first set with a close score of 29-27.

The second set started with WA taking the automatic lead with the first point. However, Cambridge gained points and soon got ahead by a close margin. WA continued to score points but Cambridge gained a significant lead, with the score being 22-11 at one point. Arnold continued to make significant plays along with Kacherian and Waterhouse.

This was WA’s weakest set, with a final score of 25-15.

WA led the very beginning of the third set, and although Cambridge remained close behind for a period of time, the girls eventually were significantly ahead, with a score of 14-10. After that, Cambridge came back and tied the game 15-15, and soon gained the lead.

With many successful plays, including a number of spikes by Kacherian, WA tied 24-24. Unfortunately they fell short at the very end and lost the set 26-24.

In the early minutes of the fourth set, Cambridge had already gained a significant lead with a score of 6-1. After that, there was consistent scoring by both teams and Cambridge stayed in the lead.

Kacherian, Arnold and Doolin were behind some of the key spikes and serves of the set. Towards the end of the set, a series of points scored by Cambridge allowed them to with 25-17, and concluded the game with a loss for WA.

Head Coach Brandon Eang acknowledged players such as Kacherian and Semeter for playing well, but mentioned that communication had been a problem for the team that night. He also said that they lost to this team twice to this team.

However, Eang was proud of the team’s accomplishments for the season overall. They won two games against their rival team Acton-Boxborough and earned the title of DCL Co-Champions.

“The girls fought hard, and we don’t take anything for granted. It was a very successful season,” Eang said.