WA Girls’ Volleyball defeats Lincoln-Sudbury

Chloe Morbelli
Senior captain Emily Doolin on the court

Mahi Kandage, Sports Editor

On Thursday October 19th, Westford Academy Girls’ Volleyball played a successful game against Lincoln-Sudbury, winning 3 sets to 0. Though the sets were quite close in score, WA pulled ahead in each one to win the game.

In the first set, WA started off strong, leading 4-0. Notable performances included senior Erika Waterhouse, with precise hits, and Olivia Hillman, another senior who dived for many balls and won WA key points. Another senior, Paige Kacherian brought the game to another level with powerful spikes and hits.

Senior captain Kayleigh Semeter said, “[We] did really well covering tips and getting balls up from hits and serves, which is something we’ve been working so hard at all season.”

The score remained close throughout the first set, with Lincoln-Sudbury taking the lead, and then WA reclaiming it. The Grey Ghosts eventually pulled away, winning the first set 25-19.

After a brief regrouping, the second set began with a strong start for Lincoln-Sudbury, who scored early, successive points. However, WA picked away at the lead, although Lincoln-Sudbury were ahead by 5 points. After a strong series of hits for WA, the audience picked up the intensity and cheered the players on until the score was tied 22-22. After several more long rallies, WA won the second set 25-22.

“I think we did really well and I’m so proud of how far our team has come.” said Semeter

At the start of the third set, WA began strong, knowing they had to win this set to win the game. Leading 14-8, the team was aided by a strong, consistent performance by senior Emily Doolin and many accurate sets by junior Caitlin Cannuscio. WA continued their consistent performance throughout the third set, leading 23-14. However, they conceded 4 consecutive points, but regrouped for the win, 25-19.

Regarding the team’s weaknesses, Semeter said,

“There are little things we need to work on like communication and keeping our energy up the entire game.”