Jack Wilson takes his talents to the varsity line

Dan Allison, Staff Writer

Every season we see the numbers and names change on every sports team. This year, the varsity football team welcomes in freshman Jack Wilson. This ninth grade offensive tackle has been playing with the varsity team all season providing protection in the pocket when his skills are needed. Being a player on the varsity team is truly impressive, but being the only freshman on varsity is a whole other level of skill.

“It’s fun,” Wilson said, “It’s hard but the coaches on the varsity team are great and very supportive, it is a lot of work but it is also a fun atmosphere to be in.”

Wilson has been playing football since he was the age of five. He has played alongside his fellow ninth graders in pee wee and Pop Warner football until he was assigned to be separated with them by his varsity call up.

“My time with the freshman team was good, it was a fun time as the coaches were really good as well. When I got moved up, it was a big difference in difficulty as the kids are bigger and better up on varsity but at the end of the day its football and it’s just fun to play.” Wilson said.

Wilson has lived in Westford his whole life and has been watching the Grey Ghosts play on friday nights for a long time, but now Wilson is not watching on.

“It’s a great feeling,” Wilson said, “It’s good to get out there and play football with the boys. We are always looking to get the win when we go out there and if not, we are gonna look to improve so we can get the win next week.” 

Even with being the youngest on the team, Wilson fits in with his teammates and can not just compete, but excel at protecting the pocket for Westford quarterbacks due to his size and height. Head Coach Patrick Gendron has enjoyed Wilson’s presence on the team

“Jack Wilson has continued to show the effort, toughness, and discipline it takes to play at the Varsity level.” Gendron said, “If things go accordingly, Wilson could be a name to know on Friday night for the coming years.”