WA falls to Weston 1-0

Varshini Ramanathan, Co-Managing Editor


On Tuesday, October 10th, the WA Boys’ Soccer team faced off against Weston on the WA turf. After an early goal, a defensive game on both sides led to a Westford loss against Weston 1-0.

The game started out slowly, but eight minutes into the game a defensive error allowed Weston to score. The Ghosts did not let this get to them, however, and continued to defend well.

After more back-and-forth between the two teams, WA’s senior Derek Jones broke away and tried to score, but his shot was blocked by the Weston goalkeeper. The game continued to be played mostly at midfield, with few offensive runs for either side. Junior goalie Alex Wood saved both a goal attempt and a free kick in order to avoid widening the gap.

Despite another near goal with two minutes left in the half, Weston’s strong defense, headed by its keeper, thwarted the Ghosts and the half ended 1-0.

The second half started off with a little more energy, with Weston breaking away towards the goal almost immediately. Wood continued to save multiple shots, allowing WA to still have a chance to close the gap. Additionally, junior Michael Zarcharchuk on defense was instrumental in keeping the ball away from the Westford goal.

However, Weston’s defense was also relentless, and though junior Nicholas Awada nearly scored a goal ten minutes into the second half, the keeper denied his chance.

The Ghosts seemed to have found a chance to even out the score with 10 minutes left in the game, as junior Ben Lawrence powered through Weston defense, but a long shot from near midfield was not able to find the goal.

Once more, WA had another an attempt with a free kick, as a shout of “This is it, boys!” came from the sidelines, but the ball rolled into the goalie’s hands with only two minutes left in the game.

The final score was 1-0.

The boys will play Newton-South at home this Thursday.