Blackbird Cafe soars above expectations


Mahi Kandage

The corner where food is ordered and picked up

Mahi Kandage, Sports Editor

Located on Acton’s Great Road, Blackbird Cafe is the newest addition to the Acton Woods Plaza. The rustic cafe, which opened its second location in Acton this summer, is the ideal place for breakfast, lunch or brunch.

The cafe was beautifully decorated inside, with the walls painted warm, earthy shades of red and mango paired with black. There are a few tables outside the cafe outfitted with umbrellas, but outdoor seating is not in an ideal location, being just a couple feet from the parking spaces and close to a busy intersection.

Walking inside, the eatery was surprisingly spacious and open. The walls were vibrant and covered with local artwork on sale, giving the space an authentic and unique feel. It was quite busy, especially for 2pm on a Saturday, past lunch and breakfast time.

The cafe’s farm-to-table philosophy ensures that all the food is fresh and locally grown from various farms in the Acton-Concord area. Open from 6 am – 4 pm, Monday through Saturday, and 7 to 3 on Sundays, it is a fairly convenient place to stop and grab a coffee, tea, or a pastry.

We ordered our food at the counter, where a wide array of pastries and snacks were on display. A large menu written on a chalkboard was posted on the wall above the counter, but as the font was small, we found it easier to refer to the small, paper handheld menus the barista offered us.

Our order of a pesto chicken melt and an Amigo wrap was delivered to our table in just a few minutes. The plastic trays lined with Blackbird Cafe paper on which the food was served were quick, efficient, and charming.

The Amigo wrap was the far superior of the two dishes, with a cold, fresh taste and tangy flavor. The wrap consisted of a perfect balance of spinach, guacamole, cucumbers, and red peppers. The chipotle aioli and provolone cheese tied the ingredients together perfectly.

The pesto chicken melt was slightly less satisfying. The ratio of bread to chicken to pesto was slightly off, giving an overpowering taste of pesto. However, the melt was the more filling of the two orders. Both dishes were served with potato chips on the side, which neither enhanced nor took away from the main dishes.

The cannoli we ordered for dessert was extraordinary, with a crunchy, sweet shell, a creamy filling, and it was topped with a good amount of dark chocolate chips. However, it was slightly expensive, considering the size.

In terms of breakfast, the cafe serves a wide variety of sandwiches, omelettes, pancakes, waffles and eggs. There is also a separate catering menu with various entrees, salads, and breakfast combos.

The eatery is very accommodating for those with food restrictions such as vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten or other allergies.

In terms of pricing, the breakfast options are very affordable, and the lunch menu is slightly more expensive, but definitely within the budget of a high school student.

Overall, I would give Acton’s Blackbird Cafe a rating of 8/10, for its aesthetically pleasing interior, and fresh, tasty food.