WA Girls’ Soccer powers ahead of CC 3-0

Kavya Desikan, Social Media Manager

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Yesterday on September 26th, WA Girls Soccer won against Concord-Carlisle 3-0 by playing a game full of strong teamwork between offense and defense.

The first half was played evenly by both teams, with WA’s defense working hard and covering each other when gaps were formed between players. Senior Maeli Cherry contributed massively as she cleared balls left and right by passing them to midfielders.

Despite WA defense’s ability to cover well there was a disconnect between midfielders and defensemen, leaving many goal opportunities unconverted in the first half. This only allowed the strikers to pull one goal to be made, ending 1-0.

It was after the first 40-minute half that Coach Tracy Capone and the rest of her team made vital adjustments, which quickly showed in WA’s performance. WA eventually scored two more goals against CC’s strong defense due to the strong coordination between defense and offense.

Midfielder and sophomore Brooke Ditcham made great passes, allowing the ball to transition to the strikers, leading to impressive goals including one by senior Katherine Pawlak, who was responsible for one of the goals in the last 20 minutes.  This goal ended CC’s chances of pulling ahead, as WA’s defense was too strong to get close enough to the goal.

“In the second half, Westford played really well. Our defense played really well today, recycling and covering up for each other, working as a unit,” said Capone.

This was proven as WA repeatedly ensured that the ball was in their end minimally, and all attempts to score a goal by CC were quickly intercepted by senior goalkeeper Emma O’Sullivan.

WA will be playing again on Thursday at 4:00 against Bedford High School at WA’s Trustee’s field.