Escape Room comes to Westford

Kavya Desikan

Alisha Sabnis, Advertisment / Print Manager

After years of being known as the home of Kimball’s ice cream, Westford has a new attraction, The Escape Room. This new setting has live and interactive puzzles for anyone to solve and it surpassed my expectations.

The Escape Room is a family run business, owned by Chris Nichols. His son, Jacob Nichols, a WA graduate from the class of 2013, is the game master and aids people during the adventure in solving the puzzles. It is located on Route 110 on the Westford/Littleton town line. It is $27 a person and worth the time and money.

There are a total of two rooms in the Escape Room, the Titletown Ring Thief (deemed the hardest of the two) and The Lost City of the Monkey God. I was able to try the Titletown Ring Thief with two other people.

Before entering the room, we were given a crime scenario in which Boston sports’ championship rings have been stolen and we were to recover them in the culprit’s home. We were then led to a room that is designed as a common Boston apartment. We were given an hour to complete the mission and escape.

The puzzles throughout the simulation were very intricate and cleverly made. I do not think the three of us would have made it as far as we did (we were not successful) without the generous hints that Jacob Nicholas gave. I recommend to go with a group of at least five people to complete the Titletown Ring Thief.

Although it has only been open for a couple of months, the Escape Room is more than half filled most of the time. There are about 20-25 rooms booked a week and Nicholas is currently looking for another location in addition to the current one.

Overall, the Escape Room is an excellent place to go with friends or team members to build relationships. I highly recommend sports teams to go. The puzzles ensure everyone works together and are a fun way to get off addictive cell phones for a while.

“It’s amazing how many friendships are formed as a result of working together,” Chris Nichols said.

The Escape Room will be donating tickets to the WA Ghostwriter to be auctioned off at the Holiday Bazaar.