Madolyn Kendall takes on WA


Erin Killpartrick, Staff Writer

Q: How did you come across Westford Academy/the job opening here?

A: I grew up in the area so I was quite familiar with Westford Academy and I was just ready for a bigger school, a change in my career and the job happened to open up and I thought that would be great. The kids are amazing that I get to work with.

Q: What college did you go to?

A: I did my undergrad at Boston University and I did my masters at Rivier.

Q: How do you like Westford Academy?

A: I love it here, it’s great.

Q: Did you go to Westford Academy?

A: No I didn’t, I like it so far it’s a big difference from where I’ve worked before.

Q: Is this your first job working at a high school?

A: No, this is my third. I was at Innovation Academy in Tyngsboro for 2 years and I worked at Chelmsford high school and I did my student teaching at Arlington high school.

Q: Is it hard to get used to working at a new school?

A: There are definitely some things to learn, there’s a learning curve but for the most part everyone’s been really great, everyone’s been really helpful so it’s been a pretty easy adjustment.

Q: What made you want to work in Student support services?

A: So I started off as a history teacher and I found myself just really wanting to work in just small groups of students and really help students so I think it’s just a natural fit and I thought it would be a great career move so I went to that.

Q: So do you coach field hockey?

A: Yes I am the Blanchard Middle School field hockey coach. I’ve never played field hockey before so that’s also a new learning experience but so far so good the girls are really great. We have our first game on Thursday.

Q: What made you interested in coaching the field hockey team?

A: I’ve coached in the past, mostly cheerleading and I think it’s really important to get involved with the school as a teacher to be able to see students out of the classroom and doing what they love and it shows a different side of students and I really enjoy that part of it you know kind of less rules and regulations, where you can have more fun. And I like the middle school age group for that reason and they were looking for a field hockey coach and I thought about it and I said sure why not that sounds like fun.

Q: What are some of the biggest differences working here than where you’ve worked before?

A: The size. This is the biggest school I’ve ever worked at. So just getting used to that. Just the physical building itself, I think I’ve mastered the first floor so maybe the second floor by, you know, next year. But definitely the side, there’s a lot of kids and a lot of teachers and faculty around. It’s kind of a maze I spent the first few days like teacher orientation and the first day when all the teachers were here literally just walking laps around the building to figure out my way around.

Q: Is it hard to get used to the schedule here?

A: It is a little bit, I’m used to longer blocks in the day, 80 minutes. The 50 minutes is nice because you get to, you know, move through things but that’s an adjustment too. So far so good.

Q: What is it like getting to know the other teachers and students here?

A: It’s great. I feel like I see a new face everyday and everyone is so nice and welcoming. At least everyday in the teacher’s room or in an email someone asks me just how’s it going or how are you doing and how am I getting settled so it’s a very welcoming environment.