Kimberly Sears: Teaching in a new place


Oliver Davey, Staff Writer

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: This is my first year teaching.

Q: What classes are you teaching this year?

A: I am teaching freshman world history and US sophomore, US I.

Q: Are you excited for this year?

A:Very excited, yes.

Q: Is there anything specific?

A: I’m excited to teach subjects I have never taught before. […] To teach kids to love history as much as I do.

Q: As a history teacher, who is your favorite historical figure?

A: That’s hard, but probably JFK.

Q: What is your past experiences? Do you have any degrees?

A: I have a bachelor’s in history […] I had always wanted to be a historian but I didn’t get the idea to be a teacher until I was already getting my bachelor’s in history. […] After that I went to graduate school and got my masters in education.

Q: What do you think of Westford Academy?

A: I think the school is one of the best I have ever been in. […] I have never been around kids that were this polite to me. […] Everybody in the staff has been so nice to me.

Q: Has anyone in particular helped you this school year?

A: I have a mentor because this my first year so my mentor is, Heather Carney. She [Carney] has been really helpful.

Q: Do you have any favorite subjects inside the curriculum?

A: I really like European history so medieval to renaissance history. […] I like ancient history […] How the history and events impact like what’s being written and what’s being made into art.

Q: Do you think with the political climate it is hard to talk about current events?

A: It is hard because there are a lot of opinions, and rightfully […] I think I have an obligation because of what is going on.

Q: What made you like John and Jackie Kennedy so much?

A: I think growing up in Massachusetts it was always around from a young age. […] I have always had a fascination with them.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: If I’m not teaching I’m probably at home, with my cats, watching TV and that’s probably my favorite thing to do. […] I like to read I like to write I like to go to the gym I like to be outside, be outdoors.

Q: Where do you get your news?

A: I get a lot of mine from social media I follow a lot of news sites and politicians. […] I think it’s so easy to stay relevant and up to date.