“It” was a disappointment


Alisha Sabnis, Advertisment / Print Manager

Another disappointment has hit theaters this year, and “It” is about as boring as any other pronoun in the English language. The remake of the 1990 version came out on September 8, but even after almost 20 years, producers, Dan Lin, Roy Lee, and Seth Grahame-Smith failed to improve the movie.

The story is set in the small, haunted town of Derry and revolves around six bullied children who attempt to rid their town of the spirit that appears every 27 years. While it was a horror movie, these teens did not fail to make childish and vulgar jokes every other minute.

The actors in the movie were subpar, which is expected for most horror movies. I felt there was a lot of awkwardness between the characters throughout the story; it was clear they weren’t comfortable together.

As for Pennywise the Dancing Clown (Bill Skarsgard), he was not the best antagonist I’ve seen. If anything, he made me get over my fear of clowns, as he was so dense that I would be surprised if he had even made it past clown school.

I was surprised to see a romance form in the midst of a horror story, as I figured the “heroes” would be trying to save their town from the clown, but alas, there were some sparks between the characters.

I was not a fan of the “romantic” aspect of the movie, as it was awkwardly fit in and confusing as well. Beverly Marsh, played by Sophia Lillis, seemed to have a romantic interest in two of the guys, Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor) and Bill Denbrough (Jaeden Lieberher) and it was hard to keep up with the plot.

For me, the scariest aspect of the movie were the fifteen-year-old bullies that conquered the town. Sure the clown was creepy looking, but Henry Bowers, played by Nicholas Hamilton, was no ordinary bully. Instead of taking his victim’s lunch money, he went ahead on attempting to murder them, for reasons I do not know.

If there was one thing the movie got right, it was the soundtrack. The music was suspenseful, creepy, and fit right in at the parts it was played. My favorite song from it is “Every 27 years”.

Since this was only Chapter 1, I have a small bit of hope that Chapter 2 will be scarier and better produced. But most of me hopes that the producers will remake this one again.