Investment club arrives at WA


The stock market

Mahi Kandage, Staff Writer

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, Investment Club will be added to Westford Academy’s official extra-curricular activities. The club focuses on giving high school students the opportunity to experiment with and earn real money, while learning valuable business skills.

According to junior Ian Kim, the club was first started at WA last year by Chinar Rastogi, who is now a freshman at Indiana University. Rastogi first began the program because of his genuine interest in investing. Next year, the program is set to become an official club, with history and American government teacher, Heather Carney. The skills acquired in the club will help throughout life.

“Whether it’s through a broker or your own investments, it’s good to be somewhat knowledgeable about what you are spending your money on,” said Kim.

A typical meeting of the investment club involves looking through the club’s online portfolio and discussing which stocks are successful and which are not. The group also takes a look at current world events and examines their impact on the stock market.

The group of young investors also participate in multiple competitions over the course of the year. In the competition, the club is given a specific amount of money, which they then invest in a stock market simulator. Through the rise and fall of stocks in which they invest, the club has the opportunity to win real money.  Although all of the competitions to date have taken place online, the club was recently invited to attend an investment conference at Ithaca College.

Currently, the investment club consists of around fifteen members, one of whom is Ian Kim, a current junior and president of the class of 2018. Kim first became involved in the club through his sister, whom he accompanied to a meeting. However, he became more interested in the club than he had originally anticipated.

“I developed a really strong interest in the field of finance and want to study it in college,” said Kim.

The club is open to all grades, and no prerequisites or commitments are required. It prepares students for life after graduation from WA by educating them on making investments, regardless of their career.

 “It’s relevant because kids actually have a chance to make money and learn a skill that’s really helpful later in life,” Kim said.