Cancun takes a spin on Mexican

Chloe Morbelli
Cancun Mexican Restaurant's Fish Tacos

Chloe Morbelli, Staff Writer

The Ghostwriter recently visited Cancun Mexican Restaurant, a new addition to Chelmsford Center via the fall of 2016. Cancun is a cozy restaurant that offers a variety of Mexican dishes, for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

Despite being 7pm on a Thursday night, Cancun was fairly busy, with about half of the tables filled. Upon first step into the restaurant, a festive vibe was given off. With bright colors and antique lights, Cancun has a modern yet cozy feel. The decor itself is a reason to visit the restaurant, truly giving off an authentic feel with Mexican art on the walls, pinatas, and sombreros.

We were seated within seconds of our arrival in a comfortable booth. The restaurant seats about 36 despite its small size. Throughout our meal, our waitress was prompt, courteous, and friendly, but not greatly informed. Different options for specific dishes on the menu were not mentioned by the waitstaff. 

Cancun serves its customers a bottomless bowl of tortilla chips and salsa, free of charge. The chips tasted fresh and were festive, coming in yellow, red, and green colors. They served as a nice complement to the later meal.  

As for the food, we had an order of the Sopa Azteca, which is a soup with chicken, avocado, and tortilla, topped with cilantro and lime. The soup was delicious, fresh, of zesty flavor, and came in a healthy serving. Being a large amount, the soup itself was enough for a meal. The only downside was it was brought with the rest of our food, rather than served as an appetizer beforehand.

The fish tacos were served with cabbage, Pico de Gallo, and chipotle sauce. They were light and fresh but could have been more flavorful. They complemented the bold flavors of the soup.

From a portion of the menu dedicated to vegetarians, we tried the Vegetarian Enchiladas. They were filled with zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and peppers, and came with a side of black beans and rice. The enchiladas were mediocre, being slightly bland yet very spicey. Also, there was too little an amount of rice for the large amount of beans on the side.

Another dish we tried was the Cheese Quesadilla from the kid’s menu. It was simple yet satisfying, perfect for a picky eater. Steak fries were served on the side which were an odd pairing but tasty nonetheless.

As for pricing, our meal for three with an appetizer totaled $39.49 before tax and tip. Depending on the type of meat, meals can become fairly pricey, going into the 20’s. Although, there are plenty of options under ten dollars for customers looking to keep the bill low.

For future reference, I rate Cancun 6/10 stars. Despite the somewhat high price and some bland dishes, the soup was delicious, the food seemed fresh, the service was attentive. I recommend Cancun to those who enjoy Mexican food and are willing to take a gamble on the menu.

Cancun can be reached at 978-455-2818 or found at