Marvelous eats at Main Street’s

The historic brick walls of Concord

Mahi Kandage, Staff Writer

Main Streets Market and Cafe is the hidden gem located in the heart of Concord. The town’s historic aura only adds to the charm of the streetside cafe. A regular for the locals, the eatery is known for its farm-to-table approach, from its family farm located nearby in Concord.

The cafe opens daily for breakfast at six in the morning, serving a variety of omelettes, pancakes, and fresh breakfast pastries. Over twenty beverages are offered throughout the day, from coffees and cappuccinos, to Italian sodas and smoothies.

The lunch and dinner menu features an extensive range of classic American dishes with unique, delicious twists. The long list of sandwiches, burgers, and flat breads are perfect for people of all ages and palates. The restaurant also provides plenty of satisfying vegetarian options, as well as a plethora of salads and soups for vegans.

The cafe is an incredibly unique establishment, with historic and thoughtful decor, giving it a comforting and rustic feel. Heartwarming and soothing in the wintertime, the cafe provides the light that is much needed to enjoy and cup of rich hot cocoa. The picturesque backdrop is perfect for avid photographers in all seasons. In the summer, the outdoor seating is the perfect place to enjoy an ice cream cone or refreshing fruit smoothie. The large glass bakery shelves display mouth-watering cakes, cupcakes, mousses, scones, and other baked goods for anyone with a sweet-tooth.

The most popular eatery in downtown Concord, Main Streets Market and Cafe distances itself further from other restaurant by elevating its character with frequent live music. The live music schedule can be found on the website, which also has plenty of open mic opportunities for aspiring musicians. The cafe boosts a community feeling in Concord by hosting trivia night every Sunday from 6-8 PM. Trivia is the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with family or to bond with friends.

The creativity of the establishment continues up from the ground floor to the second floor, where it is home to retail shops, Nesting, and the Muse. Nesting features a variety of antiques, unique vintage trinkets, a perfect stop during an afternoon in downtown Concord. The Muse offers chic boho and one-of-a-kind clothing.

The cafe is perfect for a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner with family and friends, or just an ice cream cone from the take-out ice cream shop on the side of the cafe.

When the Ghostwriter visited Main Streets Market and Cafe, we ordered fish tacos, which were available as gluten-free and came with fries. and the special flatbread with red peppers, pesto, and chicken. We also ordered a house burger, which came with french fries.

The fish tacos were flavorful, despite the gluten-free soft tortilla. The flavors of the sweet chili sauce, queso fresco, and avocado worked together perfectly. The house-burger was cooked expertly and was juicy, the perfect burger. The highlight of the meal was by far the flatbread, which was the special of the day. The crust was the perfect balance of crisp and doughy, while the pesto was crafted impeccably, and complimented well by the cheese, red pepper, and flavorful chicken.

As the cafe’s food is sublime, it is frequented by what seems like all of Concord. On the weekends, it is rather crowded, but well worth it for the food. The waitstaff is kind, but can be slightly in disarray due to the cafe’s overwhelming popularity. Visiting during the weekdays can be inconvenient, but it provides one with the best cafe experience, as it is not too crowded, and one can enjoy the memorable food and decor. The prices are not unaffordable, but can get slightly pricey, especially for the average teenager’s wallet. Overall, I would give Main Street’s Market and Cafe a 9/10, for its delicious food, unique, tasteful decor, and pleasing atmosphere.