Wonder Woman impresses

Chris Higgins, Staff Writer

As someone who doesn’t always love what’s, “pumped out” by studios into theaters nowadays, I have to be honest in saying that I was really excited for Wonder Woman for many reasons. First, it seemed to be a step away from what superhero movies usually are with a female as the leading force of the film, and I was wondering how audiences would like it.

Secondly, I was just genuinely excited in seeing what DC could do next since what they have been doing recently, really hasn’t been liked by general audiences to say the least. Personally, I’ve hated most of the superhero movies that have been released in the past few years . Films like, Suicide Squad and Batman V. Superman, which are two films that I personally thought were awful, were publicly criticized by audiences and received brutal reviews. Needless to say, most people, including myself, were excited to see whether it would be a total flop, or an actually good film.

Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins, and stars, Chris Pine, Robin Wright and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman herself. This film tells the story about Wonder Woman, who was a princess, trained to fight. Now due to WW1 brewing in the outside world, she has to leave her home for the first time and believes that she can help stop this conflict.

This story is a bit of a surprise coming from a huge company like DC, usually you would expect  bigger superheros as the main driving force of the movie. Wonder Woman is a bit of a smaller hero, and I think that DC was trying to step away from all of the superheros everyone know so much, and wanted to make a more intimate film. 

I’m pleased to say that Wonder Woman was a fantastic film, and shows what may come in the future for the new DC franchise. As for the other DC films before this one, most of them felt bloated, with action scenes going on for most of the film. By the end, it felt like there was no real conclusion.

After watching this film, I can see that DC has taken this criticism from DC fans and wanted to create a better film, while still meeting the demands of the box office and fans alike. Gadot did a fantastic job in her role as Wonder Woman. She was able to present a character who’s afraid of the outside world, while still being a strong lead in the movie. Pine and all other actors and actresses were also fantastic in their roles. The director of the film, Jenkins, was able to create a movie that, although was on a large scale, was a more intimate film then what she had previously done.

Overall, I would give Wonder Woman a 8/10. I would highly recommend to anyone who is even slightly interested in the DC franchise or superheros.