WA Ghostwriter Awarded on New England Level


Janet Fonden

The WA Ghostwriter Staff Posing with their award.

Conor Bellone, Staff Writer

The hard work that the WA Ghostwriter has put into print and online work has paid off with an award presented to them for their work on a regional scale. The New England Scholastic Press Association (NESPA) received these at NESPA’s annual conference at Boston University on May 5th.

The WA Ghostwriter as a whole was given the highest achievement in editing and publishing award, which qualified them for the All New England award. The Ghostwriter won this All New England award for highest achievement in editing and publishing, accepted by Co-Editors-in-Chief, juniors Andrew Friel and Ben Walker, on behalf of the staff.

“I’m really happy for our staff. I think everyone is really doing a really great job and I’m proud to see our work pay off, especially on a regional scale. I think we’ve worked really hard this year. I’m really happy it’s reflecting,” Walker said.

Along with the publication as a whole, sophomore sports editor Varshini Ramanathan was especially awarded for her feature titled “Kindergarten teacher encourages students to stay passionate.” This was written last spring about retiring Kindergarten teacher Linda Garvey.

Ramanathan reflected on what it was like to get the award, and why she believes her article was chosen.

“Well I was surprised. I didn’t know the Garvey article had been entered. I was mostly pleased to find out that the hard work that I took in researching and trying my best to capture the feeling of the atmosphere of that kindergarten classroom. I was glad that it paid off,” Ramanathan said.

Also, Friel noted how the award for the newspaper shows the discipline of the staff.

“I’m pleased to see that our staff is, year in year out, […] consistently performing well at the regional level,” Friel said.

The Ghostwriter will continues their work, with the goal of releasing their bi-annual print version.