Boys’ Lacrosse faces a close defeat at the hands of Littleton


Anthony Cammalleri

In the Third Quarter, Head Coach Chris Doyle gives his team a stern, yet passionate talk. (Anthony Cammalleri)

Dinesh Shanthakumar, Staff Writer

On Saturday May 6th, the WA Boys’ Lacrosse team lost a close home game against Littleton, with a final score of 7-10. The ball, just like the score, see-sawed back and forth in favor of each team.

The first half started off strong for WA as they pelted Littleton’s goal with a barrage of shots until Eric Mclaughlin got the first goal. This seemed to set Littleton off as they responded with two goals in swift succession. The first quarter ended with Littleton in the lead 2-1.

After a quick huddle, WA returned in the second quarter with renewed vigor. Even though they lost possession in the face-off, they recovered the ball quickly and displayed exemplary teamwork. Strong passes kept Littleton on their feet and running.  This allowed for many great shots at Littleton, who unfortunately did not allow any goals. WA’s efforts were further renewed after letting in a goal as they fought hard and racked up three goals of their own. The first half ended with a promising chance of victory with the score tied at 4-4. 

Littleton managed to open the half with the first goal, but WA hung on and responded with one of their own. With the rain causing blurry vision and slippery equipment, the plays became a little sloppy. WA had some turnovers as a result of bad passes. Littleton was able to score with these opportunities and WA tried to regain their rhythm, allowing them to score another goal. The scoreboard read 6-5 as the whistle blew, marking the end of the third quarter.

As the final quarter came around, both teams were looking to pull away and secure a win. And at that point, it could have been anyone’s game. But after the first three goals were scored in quick succession by Littleton, most of the crowd’s enthusiasm died down. However, WA was still determined not to let another goal in and played rather rough at times in order to hold them off. It paid off for the majority of the quarter, as they were able to maintain a steady defense and even score once. But towards the end of the game, a lucky shot made its way into the goal and sealed the deal.

The final score was Littleton 10 and WA 7.

Overall, WA had a great game, aggressive on defense and strategic on offense. Additionally, it was Littleton’s ability to consistently gain possession during face-offs that kept them in rhythm. It was their simple mistakes here and there that resulted in turnovers and provided Littleton with the advantage.