Twomey to become new dean


Athletic Director Dan Twomey in his office

Kai-Jia Yue, Social Media Manager

When people see WA’s athletic director Dan Twomey in the halls, they talk to him about how their sports teams are doing. Starting in fall 2017, however, he will become one of WA’s deans.

Earlier this year, Dean Michael Parent announced that he would be retiring at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. Many interviews were held to find a candidate to fill Parent’s spot, but it was ultimately decided that Twomey was the best fit. According to Twomey, he has always wanted to take on a more administrative position at WA.

“Administration at the high school level is something that I [have] always wanted to do and it was a wonderful opportunity for me continue my professional career as administrator and to be involved with students in different ways,” Twomey said.

Applying for the dean position were three main finalists. Health and physical education curriculum coordinator Sean O’Leary, football head coach Adam Gagne, and athletic director Dan Twomey. Principal James Antonelli was hoping to find someone who had a similar skill set to Parent and who had experience conversing with students.

“It was a very difficult decision to make. There were three strong candidates. […] We were looking for someone who had similar skills to Mr. Parent […],” Antonelli said. “It was a process. It came down to selecting Mr. Twomey as the dean of students and we thought [he]was a good fit. He’s been here. He has been tested. He’s been tried. […] He’s passionate about working with students. He wants to make a change not just focused on athletics.”

Twomey hopes to help students using his problem-solving skills, and he wants to nurture students so they will grow and develop as people.

“I think I have some big shoes to fill with Mr. Parent leaving. First of all, he was a great dean. I think that I really offer a positive attitude and [I am a] problem solver. [I am] someone who is a really student-centered administrator and cares a lot about seeing the students succeed in a lot of different ways,” Twomey said.

Twomey also loves the classroom setting; he was a former teacher himself years ago.

Parent comments, “I think this is the interaction… the day to day interaction with the kids. Getting into the classroom, getting to see classes. I think he’s really going to enjoy doing that […] he’s super organized having to take over and schedule the whole school and that will be something he will do a good job.”

Although Parent was not part of the replacement committee, he still has an understanding of his colleagues’ character and abilities. Parent holds great admiration for Twomey’s work with teenagers and believes he will find success and enjoyment in his position as dean.

Though his new position will be different from his old one, Twomey understands the differences. He will still be helping students, just in another way.

“It will be a different kind of topic. Instead of it being all sports related, it will be a wide variety of things that I can help them succeed in. Hopefully I can help them learn and be the best students that they could be,” Twomey said.

He looks forward to the new year working as a dean.

“I’m excited and looking forward to the new opportunities here,” Twomey said.