Haute Coffee offers more than just coffee

Chloe Morbelli
A beautifully made maple spice latte

Chloe Morbelli, Staff Writer

Haute Coffee, the perfect spot for a morning cup or an afternoon study session, is a hidden gem in Concord Center. With its charming decor and a range of breakfast and lunch foods, this shop offers far more than just coffee.  

Haute Coffee embraces the rustic appeal of downtown Concord. With brick walls and exposed wood, customers are able to get a feel for the quaint setting. Sourcing from surrounding businesses is one of Haute Coffee’s values, supporting local artists and artisans, such as Iggy’s of Cambridge.

The shop’s “haute hours” are 7am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, and 8am to 5pm on the weekends. Coffee and tea are served throughout the entire day, and the kitchen closes at 3pm. Local pastries  as well as breakfast, lunch, and dessert foods are offered.

After two trips to Haute Coffee, I’ve determined what is the go-to in terms of what to order. The cafe makes lattes beautiful in appearance and taste. I enjoyed a maple spice latte during my first visit and a vanilla latte on my second. The shop also offers soy and almond milk in addition to skim and whole, providing options for dairy-free customers.

As for food, I ordered a breakfast of the Avocado Toast which is smashed avocado, tomatoes, and olive oil on locally sourced bread. The vegetables were fresh and made an excellent combination with the Iggy’s bread.

Another member of the Ghostwriter staff, tried a chocolate croissant which also comes from Iggy’s Bread. She would rate it a 5/10 due to it being served cold, the dry inside, and overly buttery on the outside.

There was a slight wait for the food, drinks, and for a place to sit. The cafe is not ideal for large groups, having 8 tables to seat about 25 people at once. Based on what is ordered off the menu and the amount of customers, it takes 5-10 minutes to receive what has been ordered.

As for the cost, the prices are reasonable but not cheap, with drinks costing less than $5.00 each and the food items under $10.00.

Overall, I would rate Haute Coffee a 7/10. The cafe is in a charming setting and has a variety of enjoyable foods, but the pastry ordered was lacking. Also the kitchen closing at 3 is a bit of an inconvenience for those busy earlier in the day.

Haute Coffee can be reached at (978) 369-9900 or [email protected]