A Tale as old as Time

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A Tale as old as Time

Beauty and the Beast is one of the most iconic princess movies ever. This is my favorite princess movie, and I was excited that after the Cinderella live action movie that Disney made this into a live action film as well.

The modern version of this Disney classic gives the viewer more details about the characters and their backgrounds. Even minor characters, such as evil sidekick LeFou is developed in a way that could not be seen in the original. The prince’s enchanted castle and the area surrounding it is a lot more detailed, with a larger garden around its perimeter. There is also a small area for roses, along with statues scattered all around the garden. The town also seemed smaller than that of the original, making it so that everyone in the town is a lot closer to one another. Also, in Disney’s modern remake of the film, Belle lives on the border of the village, rather than in its center.

Dan Stevens does a phenomenal job playing the Beast. Audiences are presented with more insight into the Beast and who he was before his transformation. The reason why we know this because we see the Beast as a child sing to his mother while she was on her deathbed.

Luke Evans played the amusing Gaston, and his performance is fantastic, and reveals just how conniving he is. Wanting to marry Belle he makes an effort to be nice to her father, Maurice, but after being rejected, he leaves Maurice tied to a tree thinking wolves would kill him. He fits the role very well, even though many people did not think he would do well because it is difficult to find a real human as tall and broad as the original cartoon Gaston.

Kevin Cline played a more developed Maurice, who is open and honest.  Also in the original he was an inventor, while in this one he does make a small object, but he does more artwork. We also got to hear more about his wife and the reason why she is never in the movie. His role is a lot bigger than the original and he helps Belle and the Beast live happily ever after.

With this being my favorite movie now, I have three scenes of this movie that I think many people will love: watching Emma Watson sing “Belle”, the song “Be Our Guest”, and the fight scene. I loved the song “Belle” because it takes you through the entire town and you get to see all the important places of the town.

Watching Belle dance with the Beast was also wonderful because of how beautiful the scenery was, as well as the depiction of joy on their faces. I liked the fight scene between the objects and the mob because it was hysterical to see a dresser, who was formerly a singer, put the three men into dresses.

Overall I give this a 10/10, because it added more detail to the characters that I never thought there would be and it was a lot funnier than the original.