Girls’ Basketball advances to D1 central finals

Kavya Desikan, Staff Writer

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Last night, Girls Basketball won against Worcester North in a frustrating offensive game, leaning on defense to prop them up and maintain their lead as they finished 50-33.

Quarter one set the atmosphere as a strong defensive game, with WAGB taking a timeout in the first 5 minutes. The quarter closed after WAGB stalled Worcester 9-2, maintaining their seven point lead.

The first half closed out with WA continuing to lean heavily on defense. While they attempted to further the gap between Worcester and them, they still closed out the quarter with the seven point gap. The first half closed 20-13, WA leading.

Offense continued to struggled as Worcester attempted to take the lead. Defense continued to push back, but the gap still closed in by one point. The third quarter ended 33-27, WA leading due to Worcester making bounds to close the gap in the last four minutes of the quarter.

By the last quarter, WAGB was able to increase their lead in the first 4 minutes 41-27. Offensive player Elizabeth Arnold especially shone, making around 14 offensive rebounds by the end of the game. With the help of this, offense continued to make a comeback, ending the game 50-33 with the help of strong defense. Despite the overall game being quite ‘off’ for offense, WA pulled their act together in the fourth quarter with the help of Arnold and senior captain Angela Alibrandi.

Coach Russell Coward hopes to improve offense in the next week to better prepare for finals against Wachusett Regional on March 10th. WA previously played Wachusett on January 3rd, winning 61-50.

“If we don’t play better we’re in big trouble next game,” said Coward.