Muffins on Main promises a sweet start to your day

Varshini Ramanathan, Sports Editor

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The Ghostwriter was recently able grab a bite of breakfast at Muffins on Main, a Westford bakery that advertises fresh scones and muffins. The atmosphere, food, and service alike were excellent, and the store has earned its place as one of my favorite breakfast places.

The shop is located just past the Parish Center for the Arts on Main Street, taking up the familiar ‘For Rent’ building just past the town center. Parking is difficult due to limited space, and most have to park on the street because the parking lot holds only one or two cars.

Once the Westford General Store, 40 Main Street has transformed its old-fashioned structure and atmosphere into a breakfast bakery. Pictures of the building over the years adorn the walls as well as everything from paintings of pastries to antique coffee machines.

Manager and head baker Pamela Sulka, once a baker at Kimball Farms, was chatting with customers in the front of the shop. A few minutes of conversation revealed that Page has been trying to emulate the close-knit feeling of Westford ‘s past, hence the lack of Wifi and quaint design. She opened the shop just under one month ago on December 13th.

As I entered, I was immediately struck by the shop’s small size and welcoming atmosphere. There were only three or four tables, most of them made for 2, likely because most customers preferred to take their order to go. We were the only sitting customers despite it being a Saturday morning, but the shop itself was quite busy. The fact that someone was constantly ordering from the counter in spite of it only being fifteen minutes after opening attested to the shop’s popularity.

Overall, along with the atmosphere being pleasant and relaxing, the workers and customers alike seemed to be happy to be there.

The menu items were fairly few in number, with a small assortment of scones and muffins as well as some standard hot drinks. I ordered a raspberry lemon scone and peppermint tea for myself, and my companions ordered chamomile tea and a chocolate chip muffin as well as a black coffee and a blueberry muffin, respectively. Most of the baked goods were priced around 2 dollars, with the coffees and teas costing slightly more.

We were served our breakfast and drink together on a small tray, one for each of us. The shop provided milk, cream, and sugar for tea or coffee.

All the baked goods were fresh and delicious. Although sweet and filling, the scone was not uncomfortably heavy and left me satisfied. The outer layer was thick but not burnt or brittle and the chewy inside portion of the scone was dotted with bites of fruit. A taste of the muffins also yielded excellent results. The taste and texture made it evident that all the food was homemade and fresh, as well as made with great care and expertise. The teas were not handmade at the shop, seeing as it is a bakery rather than a tea shop, but my peppermint tea still balanced the sweet meal perfectly.

We enjoyed our breakfast so much that we ordered a cinnamon scone, a raspberry muffin, and another blueberry muffin to go. They kept until that afternoon, when I shared them with some friends for an afternoon snack. I was just as impressed the second time around.

The service was also more than satisfactory. In addition to the owner’s presence, which provided a sense of connection to the shop, the high-schoolers who took our order were careful and quick despite being new to the job.

Eating at Muffins on Main was enough to put me in good spirits for the entire day. Overall, I would give it a 10/10.