Forge Village Breakfast disappoints


Pancakes from Forage Village Breakfast

Kai-Jia Yue, Social Media Manager

Forge Village Breakfast re-opened recently, and the Ghostwriter had the displeasure of trying it first hand.

As we entered the diner, we were met with a welcoming atmosphere and friendliness as the waiters called out to some customers by first name. There are ten tables and a counter which holds six chairs. The counter had a view of the grill where all the food is cooked.

The diner was a seat-yourself set up, so we decided to sit at the counter and observe the cooking. Not long after we were seated a waitress came over to take out drink orders. My dad and I got water, whereas my sister got hot chocolate. After we received our drinks we ordered, the waitress took our food orders. The waitress was nice and the service wasn’t all that bad.

It was typical diner food, so I opted for a small stack (two) pancakes with chocolate chips, which was an added charge, and home fries which were little potato cubes. We waited at least an hour before our food arrived.

When our food finally arrived, it was not worth the wait. The pancakes arrived on a paper plate and some salted butter on the side. The pancakes were weirdly chewy and had a weird texture to them. The taste was no better, as they were bland and not very appetizing. The waitress forgot my side order of potatoes, so when they arrived I was hoping they would taste slightly better than the pancakes. The potatoes were not that bad, they were regular potatoes with some salt and pepper.

Overall I did not enjoy my experience at Forge Village Breakfast, as the food was not great, not to mention the long wait time. However, the atmosphere of the diner was overall pretty nice and friendly. If I was only judging on the atmosphere I would give it a 9/10, but the food quality and wait time were not great. I would not recommend this diner to anyone.