WA Girl’s Basketball defeats Cambridge Rindge and Latin 57-45

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WA Girl’s Basketball defeats Cambridge Rindge and Latin 57-45

Mehul Shrivastava, News Editor

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On Friday, December 16, the WA Girls’ Basketball team was victorious against Cambridge Rindge and Latin. After an intense game with both teams putting in all they had, WA managed to pull through with a score of 57-45.

The first quarter started with the first two points scored by Cambridge, but senior Angela Alibrandi and sophomore Brooke Pillsbury took back the ball and started scoring for WA. At five minutes, the score was 10-5, with WA taking the lead.

Players such as Alibrandi and junior Emily Bramanti scored several points for the team. By the end of the quarter, WA was in the lead with large margin of 20-5.

Cambridge stepped up their game in the second quarter and scored the first few points. At four and a half minutes, WA scored four points, starting with a two-point shot by senior Taylor Pillsbury. After that, Cambridge made a comeback and at two minutes, the score was 24-15.

In the last two seconds of the quarter, Alibrandi scored as well. The final score for the half was 28-20 with WA winning.

The third quarter was a successful one for both teams. Juniors Elizabeth Arnold and Allie Mulhern were some of the players who scored quite a few points for the team. At three minutes, the score was 40-25, with WA in the lead.

Cambridge came back after that, scoring over ten points while WA struggled to keep up. However, the Ghosts still were winning at the end of the quarter with a score of 44-32.

The last quarter started with neither team scoring, both displaying a very strong defense. Cambridge scored first, followed by many WA players scoring, including Arnold and Alibrandi.

The score at three minutes was 52-45, with WA in the lead but Cambridge close behind. The last few seconds of the game were packed with action, and WA emerged as the winners at the end.

Coach Russ Coward believed that even though they played well, they have played a lot better in the past. He also thought Alibrandi and Bramanti were especially successful in the game.

“We played okay, but we played better before, that’s for sure,” Coward said.