Emma Monville’s Newest Venture: Westford

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Emma Monville’s Newest Venture: Westford

Kavya Desikan, Staff Writer

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Freshman Emma Monville sits on the floor of the makeup rooms backstage during the Servant of Two Master’s last run.  Manville, who painted Trufalldino’s face, had to completely re-do his entire face after he was attacked with whipped cream during the last scene of Act I.

Monville, unlike other freshmen, moved from Paris, France over the summer for her father’s job at Red Hat. She is an interesting and fun person to be around, full of smiles and always ready for the next challenge.

We sit in the middle of the aftermath of intermission, makeup wipes are strewn across the floor, arms covered in one form of makeup or the other. Her arms are painted white using and red, pink smudges mixing the two.

Monville begins to talk about France and what she misses, bakeries and bread.

“Market Basket just isn’t the same! The bread and croissants just aren’t as good,” she said.

However, the things she misses the most are none other than her older siblings.

She describes leaving them as, “Happy and sad, because America is a great place to study but leaving them was sad.”

She says that the idea of moving here was scary; after all, she was going to have to adapt to a different kind of environment than the city of Paris, lined with bakeries, shops, and shopping centers.

Monville has had quite the successful adjustment period, keeping up with all her classes while finding a home in the WATA makeup team, with a group of girls in all different grades.  She found a passion for makeup and the people who are in it, and is happy she was able to find a family in it.

She describes the WATA community and the Westford community as, “Really nice, they’ve all been very kind and helpful,” and is thankful for the friends she has made there.

At Westford Academy, Monville takes a normal workload, except for one thing: she takes Honors French IV. When asked how she felt about it, she told me about how she’s in the middle of reading a book she read in sixth grade and is trying to push it off as much as possible.

She is happy she can take French, though. Monville is fluent in both English and French, and has about six years of Spanish under her belt as well.

“I really don’t want to have to learn another language. I’m already bilingual,” she said.

As for what’s next for Monville, she’s already a member of the Laramie Project’s makeup team, which opens in January.