PHOTOS: Holiday Bazaar 2016 showcases holiday spirit

Varshini Ramanathan, Sports Editor

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  • Three Little Birds' Susan Farrell surveys her booth.

  • Joanne McLaughlin, selling for Spiraling Bracelets, has a moment of joy.

  • Health teacher Lauren Coffey and senior Max McGinty sell sports passes.

  • International Club's arrest booth, occupied by senior E Killian

  • Paula Dias, Allison Merrifield, and Bonnie Carter with their cat-themed booth.

  • Baking Club's Ashi Agarwal packs goods for a customer.

  • Baking Club's cookie display.

  • Sophomore Mehul Shrivastava advertises for Speech and Debate.

  • A couple shows school spirit.

  • Speech and Debate's Henna booth.

  • Father and son peruse a display of Christmas ornaments.

  • Pat Cochrane and his assortment of pens.

  • Brian Dias with his handiwork.

  • Pat and Clark Welton and their booth, Twisted Silvers.

  • Antonio Lucchesi and his handcrafted wooden pens.

  • Alev Bowen's decorated wineglasses.

  • Alev Bowen of Alev Bowen Arts and Crafts.

  • Neili Shah, from Designs by Neili.

  • Laura Campbell and Lili Toohey of Lily Pads Creations.

  • Troubadours' Sanjitha Subramanian and Lucia Shao (sophomores) share a laugh.

  • Sophomore Erin Fletcher plays viola for the Troubadours.

  • Two Latin Club volunteers sell cake pops.

  • A French Club volunteer mans the register.

  • Sarah Schneller and Rui Chang selling snacks from Mandarin Club.

  • DECA representatives gather for a picture.

  • Naqiya Montiwalla and Lauren Andrews pose for Beyond Words Literary Magazine.

  • Junior Meg Granger, from DECA.

  • Science Team's Medha Palnati (senior) talks to a customer.

  • The WA Art Calendar 2016.

  • (from left to right) Naqiya Motiwalla, Medha Palnati, Evenlyn Chen, and Prachi Jhwahar represent Human Rights Club.

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The sound of Christmas carols, shouts of students advertising Chinese snacks or Henna designs, and the constant bustle of shoppers moving from place to place: it’s the 2016 Holiday Bazaar, and once again students and artisans alike are at Westford Academy to showcase their talents.

From 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on December 3, regular vendors and new arrivals populated the cafe, gym, and bell lobby with unique and authentic merchandise. Student clubs provided everything from temporary arrests to caramel cookies in order to fundraise. The WA Troubadours orchestra, WA Marching Band, and the Honors and Concert Choirs provided live music throughout the day. Here are the highlights from this much-loved Westford tradition:



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