Allied Disappoints

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Allied Disappoints

Sujosh Mukherjee

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Director, Robert Zemeckis returns with a brand new installment to his filmography, Allied. Zemeckis’s previous achievements include Forrest Gump, and the Back to the Future films.  Therefore, it is fair to say, this movie was highly anticipated.

Allied is about an intelligence officer named Max Vatan, who meets a French resistance fighter in North Africa named Marianne Beauséjour. However, when they return to London, their relationship is tested when she is accused of being a German spy.

Marion Cotillard, who was also in the Dark Knight Rises, plays the role of his wife. She does a fantastic job in the role, truly disappearing in her character.

Brad Pitt plays the role of the intelligence officer. Sadly, he doesn’t deliver the strong performance that we have come to expect from him. Throughout the movie, he has a seemingly uninterested look on his face, making it feel like he’s only there for the paycheck.

Despite what the trailer may trick you into thinking, this is not an action-packed war thriller. This is more of a romance film with war and thriller elements sprinkled in near the end. This is not bad, but if there is one thing that has to work in a romance movie, it has to be the chemistry between the two leads. However, in Allied, the chemistry isn’t all that believable.

We are given far too little time to establish the relationship, making the movie feel rather fake.

The visuals in this movie seem extremely dated. In an age where it should be difficult to tell the difference between reality and CGI (Computer generated imagery), Allied harkens back to the 90s age of film, with constant noticeable green screen backgrounds. The whole Africa section of the film looks extremely fake as well, with every item feeling like part of a set.

While there is plenty wrong with the film, the last 30 minutes are absolutely riveting. I found myself constantly questioning the truth. I would say to buy a ticket for that part alone.

In the end, Allied fails in many aspects, however the ending of the film is amazing. If only the whole film had been like that last thirty minutes, I wouldn’t be so disappointed.