Edge of Seventeen filled with laughs

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Edge of Seventeen filled with laughs

Alisha Sabnis, Advertising Manager

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STX Entertainment welcomed The Edge of Seventeen on Friday, November 18, 2016. When I went to AMC Tyngsboro, the whole movie theatre was packed with teenagers and adults alike, ready for a good laugh.

The new comedy stars and is narrated by Nadine, who is played by Hailee Steinfeld. This awkward seventeen-year-old is figuring out her crazy life. The movie was packed with comedy throughout the showing, with amazing character development of Nadine while she faces tough situations.

Along with her personality, Nadine’s character is also unique for her wardrobe throughout the movie. Dressed in “nerdy” and “geeky” clothes of plaid skirts, sweatshirts and sneakers, she really sticks out from the rest of her peers.

When her dad died when she was young, Nadine was crushed since she had a very close relationship with him while a distant one with her mother and brother. The movie conveys how her relationship with her family affects her in the beginning of the story and the end.

When Nadine learns that her best friend, Krista, is dating her brother, Darian (Blake Jenner), she feels betrayed and finds herself hating her only friend. Without anyone by her side during her already tough life, Nadine goes to the other person she trusts… her blunt history teacher, Mr. Bruner.

My favorite character, who was also the most funny in my opinion, was Nadine’s history teacher, Mr. Bruner (portrayed by Woody Harrelson). Harrelson is mostly known for playing Haymitch in The Hunger Games. He does an amazing job conveying direct characters in both movies.

I was so excited when I saw that he was acting as the snarky teacher whom Nadine came to for help. He had a variety of sarcastic remarks for her whenever she came to him and added humor to the movie. I think Harrelson did justice to his part and don’t believe anyone else would have been able to play him.

Along with its comical aspects, The Edge of Seventeen was also filled with moments that almost any teenage girl can relate to. She feels out of place at her high school and struggles to make more friends. She also has to live in the shadow of her brother who is popular, academic, and athletic. The movie did an amazing job portraying difficult and realistic situations that Nadine faced.

With the boy she’s interested barely noticing her, Nadine does anything she can to try to get his attention which ultimately leads her to an uncomfortable situation with him. With this being her first confrontation with a guy, Nadine is left to decide for herself what to do. I think this was crucial to the movie since most teenagers get pressured to do things by others. I admit that the scene was a little too brief and that the writers resolved it too quickly.

One of the most exciting aspects in movies I look forward to is the soundtrack. Unfortunately The Edge of Seventeen was lackluster in that department. There wasn’t much music throughout the movie in general but I wish Atli Ovarsson, the music supervisor, included more songs that people were familiar with.

If you and your friends are looking for a promising comedy, I highly suggest to watch The Edge of Seventeen. There weren’t many cliches and the content of the story was fresh.