Extra work for Flynn after rally postponement


Senior and head of the spirit week committee, Lauren Flynn dresses up for her favorite of the spirit days, USA day.

Kai-Jia Yue, Social Media Manager

After a heavy downpour at around 10am, an administrator announced over the loud speaker during the end of D-block, the postponement of the spirit rally. Soon after, outraged seniors left school in masses, leaving many classes half full or empty.

Lauren Flynn, a senior and a organizer for the spirit rally, had a feeling at the beginning of the day that the spirit rally would be cancelled, after meeting up with the administration about the possibilities of a postponement. When the announcement was made Flynn was a little in denial even though she knew that they rally was going to be cancelled.

“I kind of saw it coming. Plus I knew it was going to rain really hard when it started to down pour during second block I was like ‘its cancelled’, but I think when I first found out about the chance of it being cancelled I was kind of in denial,” said Flynn.

Even though the rally was cancelled Flynn did not have a very strong reaction, since the rally would be rescheduled. She finds that administration made the right decision regarding the spirit rally, since the field would have been muddy and wet, which would have made the participants more inclined to get an injury.

After it was announced that the rally would not be happening on Friday, Flynn was called down to discuss that potential days of the postponement of the spirit rally.

” I hope we can do it next Friday I think that would be great […] Mr. Parent also had a really good idea [to have the rally] the Wednesday before thanksgiving break,” Flynn said.

Flynn was not entirely in support of the seniors ditching after the cancelled spirit rally, but understood the disappointment the senior class is going through.

“Its definitely a bummer, since now we don’t have like a reward and we just had powder puff, so we were all wicked excited and amped up but at this point what are you going to do about it,” Flynn comments.

Also, Flynn’s main concern is that the supplies that they may not have for the postponed spirit rally.

“The sumo suits cause we ordered those a month and a half ago so I’m worried that they aren’t going to be available for us to use […] and just like the supplies, the watermelons, because we already have some but I don’t know if we’ll be able to use them still,” she said.

Fianlly, hoping that not too many people were angered at the cancellation of todays spirit rally, Flynn hopes to have it next Friday.

“I hope no one is to upset by it, honestly I saw this coming so I wasn’t to surprised by it. I hope no one is overly upset. I hope people know that we are going to reschedule it, we are not just going to call it off,” states Flynn.