Seniors leave after spirit rally is postponed


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Mehul Shrivastava, News Editor

The Spirit Rally which was meant to take place Friday, October 21, was postponed due to inclement weather conditions. Soon after the announcement, about 200 students (most being seniors) left school in response to the decision.

The main disappointment for many students was that soon after the rally was cancelled for the day, the weather did not take long to clear up.

On Thursday, when the question of possible postponement was most popular in school, Principal James Antonelli said that they would keep an eye out on the weather, but a final decision would be made on the day of the rally itself.

“If it’s a steady rain [we’ll] postpone it,” said Antonelli.

Sure enough, just a couple hours before the spirit rally, it was pouring rain and did not seem like it was going to stop. However, soon after the cancellation, the weather cleared up, which seemed to be the source of disappointment for many students who believed the rally could have continued. It started raining again during last block at around 1:15.

Senior Austin Geanapoulos, who decided against leaving school, was not happy about the seniors’ reaction.

“They [left] and they aren’t supposed to, and they should know better,” said Geanapoulos.

Geanapoulos mentioned that the whole situation eventually came down to peer pressure.

“It’s not really justified, but it’s also just like a peer pressure thing. When one or two people started to do it, other people saw that example and just kinda said ‘Oh well, those people are doing it, [so] why don’t I just do it too,'” said Geanapoulos.

He also said that he would not be surprised if there were  repercussions for the class, but he hopes that those who did not leave would not have to face them.

“The class of 2017 has not been the most popular class and what we did today doesn’t help our case. That’s all I have to say,” said Geanapoulos.

Antonelli said on Thursday that if the rally was postponed the back up day would ideally be the following Friday, October 28, but as of now there is no specific date for the spirit rally.