Ke$ha releases the crazy yet catchy album: Cannibal

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by Leah Bowness
Staff Writer

Possibly the dirtiest album to hit the shelves this year is Ke$ha’s newly released album Cannibal. Has she gone too far?

The nine songs reflect a similar sound to her last album, a catchy beat with an unforgettable chorus, along with a lot of unmistakable computer generated sound. Party songs from start to finish; some will make you dance, sing along, or just say “Wait, did she really just say that?”.

The album opens with song “Cannibal” which gives the album its title. Absolutely crazy lyrically, it plays into the immensely popular vampire craze seen across the nation, with lyrics like “Then when I’m thirsty, I drink their blood”. Lyrics aside, the album definitely starts out with a bang.

Hot and dangerous are just two words that opens up the next track called, “We R who we R”.  This is the song that listeners are already familiar with as it has been played all over local radio stations before the album’s release.

Track three “Sleazy” was the biggest surprise on the album. This song is possibly the closest Ke$ha has got to rapping in her career as a recorded artist.

Even the  title of the songs get dirty as the album continues on with track four, “Blow” and track seven, “Grow a Pear”. Maybe this would be frowned upon more if the songs weren’t so catchy?

Although this album was not meant to be released until December this year, it has still been a success for Ke$ha despite the online leak.